As reflected in the five selections above, each week at Company Flowers we hear happy excitement  about our flowers!     If your words seem to stumble or fail, flowers can say boldly a Happy Birthday...  or express a Deepest Sympathy... or a Get Well Soon... or especially some Congratulations for a newborn!  And the widest selection of floral arrangements can be found in Other Arrangements.

SUMMER SIGNATURE FRENCH WINK -- This is one of the signature designs called "the French Wink."   In a smaller container, often a 4x4x4 glass cube, the "FrenchWink" is a one-time unique design of what's current in our flower cases.  This example includes dark blue iris, pink hydrangea, hot orange roses, stately campanula, hypericum berries and more, with unusual greens.  60      65      75

Poem For August


Goerge Gershwin

& DZubose Hayward


And the livin' is easy

Fish are jumpin'

And the cotton is high

Oh, your daddy's rich

And your mama's good lookin'

So hush little baby now

don't you cry
One of these mornin's

You're gonna rise up singin'

Then you'll spread your wings

And take to the sky
But til that mornin'

Ain't nothin' can harm you

With your daddy

And your mammy

standin' by.

Send roses while you may:.            Time's aflyin'                 Flowers so sweet today,                       Tomorrow will be dyiin'  


SUMMERTIME CARRYALL---  Display a fresh and bold splash of color to brighten summertime with a large carryall bag from Company Flowers: These jute 21x18 carryalls include a small tucjk-away pocket inside, $22.50.