As reflected in the five selections above, each week at Company Flowers we hear happy excitement  about our flowers!   A "Happy Birthday" bouquet fits everyone best with some flowers to create the same lasting memory as one's first true love kiss.   If your words seem to stumble or fail, flowers can  express a Deepest Sympathy... or a Get Well Soon... or especially some Congratulations for a newborn!  The most recent designs show up in our "Sepcial This Week" section.

MEMORIAL DAY SILVER POT--  Designed in a silver "flowerpot" for patriotic presentation, this arrangement presents the traditional red-whte-blue theme with glorious ingredients --- red and white roses, of course, wth red hypericum berries, the majestic blue agapanthus and some blue-grey thistles, with a sprinkling of tiny white blossoms of saponaria.    $65     $75     $85     

     "Caught In a Net"

         Vachel Lindsay

Upon her breast her hands and hair 
Were tangled all together.
The moon of June forbade me not — 
The golden night time weather 
In balmy sighs commanded me 
To kiss them like a feather.

Her looming hair, her burning hands, 
Were tangled black and white.
My face I buried there.
 I pray — 
So far from her to-night — 
For grace, to dream I kiss her soul  




VINTAGE BABY DRESSES -- To inaugurate a new "Grandmother's Corner" of our store, a plethora of vintage baby and toddler dresses have been brought back for the next generation.  A few have the hand-stiched smoking.  Each has been washed, ironed, ready to resume a loving role in cherishing new young ladies' lives.