As reflected in the five selections above, each week at Company Flowers we hear happy excitement  about our flowers!     If your words seem to stumble or fail, flowers can say boldly a Happy Birthday...  or express a Deepest Sympathy... or a Get Well Soon... or especially some Congratulations for a newborn!  And the widest selection of floral arrangements can be found in Other Arrangements.

 SPECIAL THIS WEEK: Forever Fall – This more petite display of Fall beauties combines green hydrangea, the brilliant red fantana rose, matched by the yellow mini-calla lilies, supported with Dutch mums and eucalyptus stems, based on the treated maple leaves.  $60  $75   $95

Loveliest Autumn 
Midst Mellow Moon
 When the trees their summer
Change to raiment red
          and gold,
When the summer moon  
          turns mellow,
And the nights are getting
When the squirrels hide
          their acorns,
And the woodchucks  
Then we know that
         it is autumn
Loveliest season of the year.
                       Carol Riser
           Autumn is the time to embrace one another, with flowers of gentle elegance, given with great fondness. Let the brightest blossoms, amidst dying leaves and pregnant berries, pronouce enduring sentiments that can seem to be harsh if spoken by word -- and too often subject to misinterpretation -- yet always extending visions of the lovliest emotions.     

November's leqf                                    is red and sear.

Sir Walter Scott

 Hostess Gift --  A colorful cheese board, with matching cheese spreader, suitably packaged – a wonderful hostess gift to bring along when headed for a regal November gathering.